There are four Navratri festivals, namely, Sharad (in Ashwin Month), Vasantik (in chaitra) Maha & Ashadh, ritually celebrated as per the Shakti Sampraday Traditions.

The ritual worships of Tulja Bhavani is usually performed with Nav Chandi Yagna and other worships, in Temple chowk, which is decorated and illuminated with colourful lightings from all corners, during these period of Navratri.

More Specifically during the period of Chaitra Navratri, all the eight days and nine nights have its own importance as per Shakti sampraday and hence the celebration starts from the very first day of chaitra Mas, by breading Jawara, one kind of Holy Grass in and over the pot with Garbh Deep, burning there in.

On that days many Sangh come like (Soni patadiya samaj, Maharastrians and many other religion people do come with large number on foot. The sangh considered pious and hoist the flag for Mataji with jaykar of Tulja Bhavani Maa.

For all nine days of chaitra Navratri many sangh Organized bhajans and maa Tulja bhavani’s Dhoons and spend time with Maa Tulja Bhavani. Many devotees arrange Mundan Viddhi of there childrens and receive blessing from Mataji and this way they continue their Paramparas.

Chaitra Navratri – 2019
Ekam Darshan
Beej Darshan
Trij Darshan
Chouth Darshan
Pancham Darshan
Chaath Darshan
Saatam Darshan
AstamiĀ  Darshan
Noam Darshan