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A seven hundred years old temple (mandir) of pure love and affection is situated in a remote village called 28 km from Baroda(Vadodara) is a place to attain and obtain absolute peace and Happiness. The Goddess is called is of Absolute Happiness and the normal belief is that she gives Love, Compassion, Justice and peace she can very well described as.

TULJA MAA never speaks but continuously Transmits and Propagates Compassion and Kindness. She ensure that devotees to have Darshan and obtain absolute SEE-STRAIGHT ENLIGHTMENT EMISSION to overcome sorrows, miseries and consolidate thoughts to achieve desire wishes and requirements if any.

Online News

  • The Festival of Diwali is really worth seeing. The atmosphere is so pure n positive in temple as the goddess showers her blessing itself on the devotees. During Diwali the whole temple and surrounding area is decorated and illuminated with colorful lighting from all corners.

  • The meaning of Asho Astmi is blessing of Mataji to Earth and human beings. And it is the festival to offer thanks giving in return to Mataji. On Astmi in Ranu there is mela and devotees celebrate festival on this auspicious day.

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